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Transducer Construction Page 2

1 - Gently tap a 3" galvanized nail into the hole on the top end of the post.
     The post dimensions:  3/4" x 3/4" x 17 cm


2 - Attach the post to the base with a 1.5" #6 screw.
     Don't use glue on this connection. You may have to adjust the angle of the post.

3 - Tie a small metal nut to 30 cm of fine wire. 

4 - Push the wire through the hole in the center of the metal pendulum "bob".
     The swinging metal bob can be made of anything metal.
     Wrap a film canister in aluminum foil to create a conductive bob.

5 - Hang the bob by wrapping the wire around the nail. Position it so that the bob
swings freely but contacts the four metal screws.  You may have to adjust the angle
so that the bob, when hanging straight down, does not touch the screws. 

6 - When the bob is positioned properly secure the wire to the nail with tape.

7 - Connect 20 cm of wire to the pendulum wire by joining them with a 1/2" #6 screw
on the back of the post.

8 - Mark one corner of the base with "N", this corner will point north.

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