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The Transducer

A transducer converts one form of energy into another. In this case we are converted wind energy into an electric signal.

Constructing the Transducer:

1 - Sand the rough edges off of all wooden components.

2 - Use white glue and 1" #6 screws to attach side pieces to base.
     (The base is 4"x 4" x 3/4", the two side pieces are 1/2" x 1 1/8" x 4" pine)


3 - Cut a 20 cm length of 22 gauge wire.
     Insert it through one of the holes in the back of the block.
     (The location of the holes is determined by the size of the swinging metal conductor)

4 - From the top, start a 1.5", #6 wood screw into the hole.
     When the threads from the screw cut into the metal wire this will create a
     conductive path from the wire to the metal screw.



5 - Continue and connect wires to all 4 holes with screws


7 - Leave the screws extended 2 cm.

8 - 4 wires now extend from the bottom of the base.

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