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Connecting the transducer - Page 3

1 - With a tack, connect the pendulum wire to the "+" battery terminal on the electronics board.

2 - This is tricky!!

   Remember, a "North" wind means that the wind is blowing from the North.
This means that a North wind will blow the transducer bob against the screw
that is at the South end of the board.

In the example below I am touching the bob against the screw that it is opposite
North, this means that the "North" light should come on. Notice that I connected
the wire from this screw to the "North" LED on the board.

5 - Connect each wire so that the light corresponds to the direction opposite the post
it is touching. You might find it easiest to start each tack into the aluminum strip
and create a "hook" in the wires. You can experiment with the lights and make
sure you have them correctly connected before pushing the tacks all the way in.

4 - Your completed windicator will look like this.

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