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Electronics Board Construction  - Page 2

1 - Fold this end of the aluminum strip up and then flatten it.
The dial template is in place to show relative positions.

2 - With double sided tape, connect 9V battery as shown.
The red wire (+) connects to a small piece of aluminum foil at the top end of the base.

The black wire (-) connects through a resistor to the end of the switch.
The switch is made from a piece of foil, 3cm x 5cm, folded down the middle. 

3 - The resistor is very important, it reduces the electric current and protects the LEDs.
Without a resistor the LEDs would be damaged.  The proper resistor is in the range of 
200 Ohms to 1000 Ohms.

4 - Once you have everything installed, test the circuit.
Close the switch (make sure the two pieces of aluminum touch).
Take a short wire with the plastic insulator removed from each end and touch one
end to the "+" end of your battery connection (the piece of aluminum) and the 
other end to each of the LEDs. They should glow when you touch the aluminum
piece that they are attached to.


5 - This is your completed electronics board for the windicator.

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