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Electronics Board Construction  - Page 1

1 - Glue the printed dial template to a piece of bristol board then cut around the rectangle.

2 - Punch out the four circles.


3 - Locate the dial on the base 1.5 cm from each edge.

4 - Draw the four circles on the base. Trace the edges of the dial.


5 - Fold the legs of 4 LEDs as shown.

6 - Bend the ends of LED wires as shown. This bend should allow the LEDs to stand up.

7 - Determine the "+" and "-" ends of the LEDs.
Note that LEDs are low-voltage and low-current devices.
They are easily damaged.

The "flat" spot on the plastic globe indicates the "-" lead.

8 - With tacks, place a piece of aluminum foil over the "-" (minus) ends of the LEDs
The aluminum piece is 1.5 cm x 9 cm. Notice that one end extends towards the end 
of the base.  This piece becomes part of the switch.

9 - Connect short aluminum pieces to each "+" end of the LEDs.
These aluminum pieces are 1cm x 3cm. They bend over the end of the base.

10 - Completed aluminum connections.

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