Assemble Trebuchet Base


1 - Use white glue and screws to attach main uprights to one of the small base stands.


Start with one screw and then make sure the uprights are at 90 degrees (right angle) to the base stand and they align with the outer edge.
Tighten both screws.

2 - Set the main base on the three base stands as shown. The two end pieces are aligned with the end of main base.
The piece holding the uprights is placed at the distance indicated. (Distance is important).

 Fasten with 1 1/4" #6 screws and glue.


3 - Attach diagonal braces with 3/4 " #6 screws and glue.

5 - attach trigger plate to end of base. Make sure the slot is up and aligned as pictured.

Continue to sling assembly instructions.