Hila Code Key

A code key is a lever, that when pressed, creates a sound that can be used to send coded messages.
Use your code key to practice Morse Code.

Building the Hila Code Key

Troubleshooting problems with your code key.

Morse Code

Early in the 1800's, Samuel Morse, an American inventor, developed a method for sending messages using "dots" and "dashes" to represent letters.  During the Second World War, Morse Code was the preferred method of sending messages. The crisp, clear sound of the "dots" and "dashes" was unambiguous, easily picked up over the roar of aircraft engines or the constant "static" of radio broadcast.

The most famous Morse Code message ever sent was probably the SOS signal from the Titanic.

Link to an MPA file (Windows Media Plaer) replica rendition of the SOS message from the Titanic
Listen carefully you can hear the "dit-dit-dit  daah-daah-daah dit-dit-dit" code for SOS.

What does SOS mean?

Morse Code

Morse Code Adobe PDF file

Morse Code CorelDraw10 file

(Select save target as, change name to morse.cdr)